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Crusader Kings 3 gets a September 1 release date

Crusader Kings 3 Story Trailer

We finally know when Crusader Kings 3 is coming. Developer Paradox Interactive has been teasing the rebirth of the classic grand strategy franchise for some time now. The studio has announced that the long-awaited sequel will debut on September 1. After months of teases and gameplay reveals showing various new and improved gameplay elements, we finally know when it’s coming out.

Crusader Kings 3 will feature a complete revival of the aging formula from Crusader Kings 2. The next game in the franchise not only overhauls the visuals but revamps the gameplay in ways that fans have been asking for over the course of the last few years. Improved and redone traits are a big thing in the sequel. Players will now be able to develop characters along a much more defined skill tree.

Pre-orders are live now, should you want that. You can pre-order the game through Steam or through Paradox’s store.

Paradox also released a new trailer for the game, you can find that below. It’s pretty cool, it’s showing off the changes in Crusader Kings 3 surrounding strategy in the military aspects of the wider game. Strategy in these games is pretty important, but not as much as telling your own story of your chosen dynasty. The various tools within the game for waging war and engaging in diplomacy make this pretty interesting and challenging. In short, your task is to tell your own story against this dreary and despair-filled backdrop.

And in other news, there are two editions of the game on sale. Each one includes a variety of content depending on what you buy into. There’s the base edition, which doesn’t have any bonus content, and the more expensive royal edition which has some DLC included. Check out the details for the two editions of Crusader Kings 3 down below.

  • The Standard Edition: The Standard Edition is available for $49.99. You can purchase this version of the game and expect to receive the base game with no additional content unless you wish to purchase it separately when it releases.
  • The Royal Edition: The Royal Edition is available for $74.99. It comes with the base game, along with the first and second flavor pack, and the first major expansion, and an Expansion Pass Bonus: Fashion of the Abbasid Court.

By pre-ordering any of the above versions of the game, you will receive the Pre-order Bonus: Garments of the Holy Empire, which adds additional clothing to the game. The Royal Addition expands this with the DLC Fashion of the Abbasid Court. No details have been released yet for the upcoming major DLC packs, but you can bet Paradox will be on top of that after the game is launched.

So whether you choose to ride forth on a golden throne with the Royal Edition is up to you, but that DLC pass is pretty nice. The DLC strategy for these games has always been really aggressive, with some even calling it overly exploitative. To highlight this trend in a way I find a little sketchy, Paradox will be offering the new fashion DLCs after the game launches for a $10 price hike. They clearly want you to pre-order the game.

But if your willing to jump back into Crusader Kings 3 when it releases this September, sharpen your blades and put your best crown jewels on.

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