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EVE Online – In Development December 2017 video released

EVE Online In Development December 2017

This EVE Online in-development video features everything coming out in January, leading up to the Winter release due 9 January. And oh man it is gloriously cheesy. Check it out below.

Features include the Yoiul Festival event and updates to The Agency, where PvE content gets ever easier to access. CCP also plan to remove the old Agent Finder and to revamp the UI of The Agency to compensate.

It’s not part of this specific video, but CCP also announced plans to fix an exploit involving deploying Citadels too close to I-Hubs.

CCP Falcon issued a response earlier this week.

This was never intended to be permitted, and will be fixed in early January.

Until this is fixed, it will be considered an exploit to anchor an Upwell Structure within 1000km proximity of a Factional Warfare IHUB.

With the announcement of official exploit status, any new structures that go up will open the player or players anchoring said structure vulnerable to official sanction and banning.

There is also an important announcement from Concord about Pirate Forward Operating Bases. The new Guristas and Blood Raider FOBs will now spawn in more systems in High-Sec.

In addition, there is info on the new Community news web page, a great competition and a seasonal greeting by the Christmas Decoration Fairy! Community members are encouraged to make GIFs that celebrate EVE and post them to Twitter. The winner gets a pair of Plantronics headphones and 2000 PLEX.

And finally, in CCP tradition, there’s a goofy holiday short where they go a bit nuts for the holidays.

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