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Dual Universe shows off first formal gameplay trailer

This is Dual Universe Trailer

Even though Dual Universe; the new MMO that’s hoping to fill the gap in every EVE Online player’s heart, is still in alpha, there’s a ton of potential here. Players are being baited into the world of sci-fi and player creativity once again, as the development team has just released a new gameplay trailer for the project. Gamers can build their own freighters and carriers, then take to the stars to claim their fortune or steal it from someone else.

The trailer teases various gameplay elements, including the potential for a bunch of players to band together and create the next great stellar empire. The gameplay loop within the new MMO is all about cooperation and competition in equal measure. So that means that players will have the chance to shape the entire galaxy to their own ambitions. Not just content with mining and making ships to fuel a war machine, players can also build entire cities and space stations that can become hubs for the economy. You can even band together with hundreds of players to conquer an entire planet.

The developer wants players to join in on this massive world, all to realize their true ambitions of building a martial or business empire in the deep reaches fo space. Thos jumping into the game are encouraged to band together, much like in the game that lends much of its DNA to Dual Universe, EVE Online. In fact, Novaquark has hired former CCP team members to ensure they get that feeling of a microcosm of the human condition just right. One of the original designers on EVE is now working on Dual Universe, and that game should be all that much better for it.

“This is your world,” the narrator intones. “How will you leave your mark?” This hints at the powerful creative tools unlocked for all players within the new space MMO. Dual Universe puts a heavy focus on player creativity and community, allowing players to build their own ships, bases and more. The core idea would then naturally extend to some degree of competition and PvP, driving conflict in the game over resources and prime real estate.

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Developer Novaquark has finally released it, much to the delight of fans and followers. Check out the first full gameplay trailer for Dual Universe down below. If you want to know more, check out the official site. The developer has also recently announced a new update to control surfaces for some vehicles among other updates.

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