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Animal Well, new indie game, has Metroidvania style

Animal Well

Bigmode, an up-and-coming publisher established in the previous year by a husband-wife duo, Jason and Leah, has revealed their inaugural game, Animal Well.  Dunkey, whose real name is Jason Gastrow, announced in September that he was launching Bigmode, a publishing company aimed at bringing promising indie titles to market. And this is actually their first title. It has certainly gone over well with the internet at large. This marks the debut of individual developer, Billy Basso. Animal Well is an indie puzzle-platformer game, featuring horror elements. The release date has not been disclosed yet, but the game will be available on both Steam and the PlayStation 5. Here is a tweet from the publisher, Bigmode:

Animal Well exudes an eerie atmosphere rather than full-blown horror. Its visuals skew nature in a disconcerting yet delightful manner and the well itself evokes a sense of confinement. The lighting is murky, dreary, and certainly unsettling.

Animal Well displays a spark of inspiration and reflects the skill and passion of the developer. It may not aim to revolutionize the platformer genre, but its art design, intrigue, and music have the potential to be distinctive. This is quite an accomplishment in the platformer genre, which is a crowded field for indie developers due to its reliance on retro graphics and mechanics that are relatively easy to develop.

Animal Well holds a lot of potential for surprise, being a hidden gem. To get a glimpse of the gameplay, you can watch the original announcement trailer, which was uploaded by the developer nearly a year ago:

It is surprising that Animal Well is making its way to the PlayStation 5, as its retro pixel art design is beautiful, but does not require next-generation technology. As of yet, no other platforms have been announced. Hopefully, Animal Well will not be a platform-exclusive, as it would perform well on Xbox Game Pass or as a mobile title on the Nintendo Switch. That hasn’t stopped the internet from being abuzz with hype about the game. The Metroidvania style of the art and execution is sure to excite retro purists and new fans alike.

Animal Well Switch may become a thing at some point, but not right now. Animal Well Xbox ports likely to be just as stuck in limbo as well. For now, fans will have to wait it out for more news.

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