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Two new PvE missions and a horde mode coming to World War Z

World War Z

World War Z, the co-op video game and not the badly received film adaptation, has been slowly improving over the last few months since launch. Developer Saber Interactive has been pretty consistent with new content and patches, and the third-person shooter is all the better for it. There’s been new weapons, added maps and a bunch of new objective-driven missions to take on, and the developer plans to add more over time. And of course, because it just has to now with the state of the modern games industry, there’s a post-launch roadmap. So personal feelings about the prevalence of “live services” aside, let’s dive back into the undead pile of World War Z.

This roadmap, which can be seen below, lays out the second season of post-launch DLC and updates to the game, all pretty closely following the example set by the first batch of content. It’s actually pretty surprising how much content is on the docket. All of the new content seems to be due in waves, with the first release coming sometime in late 2019. Although no firm release date is set, there’s some pretty big additions. The biggest change is that cross-platform play will be coming to the shooting game sometime soon, this means that players will be able to match up with teammates from different platforms, which is great.

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World War Z Season Two DLC

So far, here’s what has been confirmed as being included in the new batch of updates. World War Z‘s second season of DLC will also include new PvE missions set in New York and Moscow, a new type of zombie, crossplay support, even a new prestige rank system for weapons and perks that unlocks more powerful versions. It seems like these devs have been playing Warframe a bit, because it feels like this new system might share some elements with that shooter. Players can also expect a a suite of new cosmetics that grant some new skins for players to don in-game.

World War Z is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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