How to safely rob a bank in BitLife

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BitLife is a game all about living out the weirdest and most insane lives via a massive simulation in a browser game. The simulation takes you all the way from inception to death and allows the player to take on a variety of tasks and life goals as they age. You can do pretty much anything in this game. Whether you want to be a drug dealer or the president of a country, it’s all possible.

You could choose a stable and legal life as a pilot or doctor, but where’s the fun in that? Maybe you think you can reenact the classic heist films that we all love, although you probably don’t want to reenact those endings, as they all seem to end pretty horribly. So if you don’t want to end up bleeding out on the floor of some warehouse, you best listen up.

How to safely rob a bank in BitLife

To rob a bank in BitLife, you will first need to head to Activities and then Crime section. There will be a variety of options here that you can choose from. Select the Bank Robbery option. You will then be presented with a series of options to pick from for the heist. You need to case the bank, weapon, disguise, and plan your getaway. The selections you make here will be vital in determining your success. But sadly, there does seem to be some element of randomness.

There are ways you can make the process easier. You will want to start by stealing your getaway car. Go into the Crime options, then pick Grand Theft Auto and select the car you want to try and snatch. Just be sure to choose something inconspicuous. That sets you up for the actual heist. Once you have a reliable car, your odds seem to go up a bit.

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Disguise is another point where people suggest taking the time to choose an option that fits your target. Going for a higher-end bank can also lower your chance of success. A smaller heist is likely to take a little less time, and lead to lower chances of getting caught. There are plenty of options here so feel free to experiment. Some of them are purely there for the jokes, so you could just get a laugh before trying again on your next life. You will need to get lucky when robbing a bank, despite your prep work.

You can also use this time to complete some new challenges, like the new Halloween challenges in BitLife that require you to put on a costume. Choosing one of these disguise options and completing the heist will complete that relevant challenge.

And if you fail, just close the game immediately without confirming the failure prompt, this should allow you to bypass the fail and move back to the last auto-save.

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