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Phoebe: Love for Mission Runners & Newbies


Another archaic anachronism of EVE’s notorious UI is set to get a badly needed makeover in next week’s Phoebe update. The elves of Team Banana Stand have been getting down to brass tacks, making several major quality of life improvements for those running NPC corporation and tutorial missions.
Rather than having to constantly refer to the Journal panel to see how a mission is progressing, or where to go next, missioneers will have easy access to critical information via an updated Agent Missions panel in the top left section of the screen, near the current Route and System panels. The update brings tooltips and other nifty features that promise to simplify the process.

In a beautifully crafted piece of understatement, CCP SoniClover has described the current mechanism as an “old bastard in many ways”, in a devblog highlighting how the new system will be implemented.
Capsuleers over at the /eve/ subreddit summed up the changes in their typical larrikin fashion. Seasoned denizens of New Eden, especially those with little to no regular PvE interaction, may scratch their heads over this change. For newbies, this represents a great leap forward in simplifying information delivery and generally cleaning up the interface for newcomers suffering information overload and, ofttimes, cognitive dissonance as they confront the vertical nightmare of EVE’s learning cliff.

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