Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise guide – controls, combos and more

Basics of the Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise

The Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise is back and better than ever. The mobile and fast-hitting weapon uses bugs and a big blade as its main weapons. The combos unleashed by this weapon are all about mid-air strikes and doing tons of damage. The one weakness is that the glaive is a lot less tanky. Since it focuses on dodges and aerial combat, there’s no real blocking to speak of. Aside from that though, there’s a ton of potential for wreaking havoc with this thing. Use this guide to learn all you need to know about the Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise.

Basic controls

  • X – Rising Slash Combo
  • A – Wide Sweep
  • ZR + X – Kinsect: Harvest Extract
  • ZR + A – Kinsect: Recall
  • ZR + R – Kinsect: Fire
  • ZR – Mark Target
  • ZR + B – Vault
  • X in midair – Aerial attack
  • A in midair – Jumping Advanced slash
  • B in midair – Midair evade

Kinsect and Extracts

Kinsects are basically the “ammo” for the Insect Glaive. During a fight, using the various Kinsects during combos confers various effects. They can attack monsters in combos to gain different extracts. Depending on the color of the extract (there are ed, white, and orange extracts) different effects can trigger. The type of extract is dependant on the region of the monster you hit with the bug.


Vaulting is a key part of combos with this weapon. You need to close distance with it to be able to hit it, this is how you do that. As you apply extracts to the blade, it can unlock additional combos. You will then need to chain these together with vaults and other button presses. By vaulting into the air and pressing X and A while airborne, you can unleash all kinds of hell on the beast.

When you get to full extract during a fight, press ZL+B,B,A,X to launch into the vault combo string and fly into the air. From there, you can unleash a flurry of slashes and strikes to get massive damage. During this state your attack speed, damage, and critical damage increase, giving you a huge boost to DPS. This is great for unleashing a quick strike series to cut off the tail of a downed monster.

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The one downside to this approach is that you need to on top of keeping all three extracts up to use it effectively. That means spending a lot of time thinking about combinations of buttons to keep kinsects on rotation. It’s a lot to manage for a new hunter.

SilkBind Controls

  • ZL+A – Recal Kinsect to cast a healing aura
  • ZL+X – Vault around the area as part of combos, can be followed up with various strings. Press X or A to perform follow-up attacks or press B to perform a dodge.

And then there are the more advanced combos for the Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise. This weapon has a ton of versatility that fits well with the more fast-paced combat of this Switch game. Sure, some weapons like the Great Sword have plenty of lumbering hits, but the Glaive is all about speed and style.

 Insect Glaive Combos

  • Basic Combo: X,X,A
  • Red Extract Combo: L+X,X,A
  • Full Extract Combo: L+X,X,X,A,A
  • Vault Leap (Full extract): ZL+B,B,A,X
  • Wirebug Combo: ZL+ZR,A,X
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