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Ubisoft Pass leaks, suggesting an EA Access type service may be coming


Gamers are always on the lookout for a bargain, and it appears that eagle-eyed deal hunters may have found something quite interesting this week, something to do with French publisher/developer Ubisoft.

A post on ResetEra popped up announcing that a blank listing on the Ubisoft store. Said blank listing wouldn’t be otherwise remarkable if the title didn’t read “Ubisoft Pass”. The Ubisoft Pass hasn’t been officially confirmed or anything, and the vague title could mean literally any number of potentialities, but that hasn’t stopped gamers and fans from freaking out over the news.

The listing was contained under a new item category on the store as “Ubisoft subscription”. This lends credence to the prevailing theory that the listed item is actually a placeholder for a new subscription service from the company. The obvious parallel here is EA Access from Electronic Arts. EA Access is a two-tier service from the AAA company which offers access to selected games published by Electronic Arts along with additional incentives like early access to new releases. That service is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One, with Origin Access offering the same services on PC.

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Maybe we’ll see more news at E3 2019 next month, as Ubisoft will be attending and is likely to announce some new games. Although nothing has been confirmed about a new subscription service, the timing can’t be ignored as a factor for this inadvertent reveal. This all seems to suggest that Ubisoft is about to enter the subscription realm with their own product line. And with games like The Division 2 leading the charge, they could make a go of it. Although some would be right to be concerned about consumers being stretched too thin over subscription services each month. So Ubisoft better bring their top tier of games if they hope to entice wary buyers.

No details have been revealed at this time as to pricing or content, we’ll have to wait for more news to learn any of that stuff. WE may find out on June 10th when Ubi holds their E3 press conference though.

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