Null Sec Alliance Drama

Space Monkeys Get High on Sugar.


The first weeks of June have already seen two smaller alliances collapse in somewhat similar and spectacular fashion.  First up in Period Basis, is the alliance of Sugar., I first encountered Sugar when they were tooling around the region of Catch and were at one point blue to BRAVE. Eventually they left for greener pastures, namely picking up systems from Northern Associates and living alongside the renter corps that had taken over ownership of PB. As time went on. their CEO Bryce had grown a bit burnt out, as leaders of null groups tend to do. These problems were exacerbated by the admittedly terrible leadership of the various corporations living in the region with Sugar. Attempts to bring these issues under control were met with resistance and stagnation.  With his efforts being ineffective, Bryce took a break from EVE.

Said break was short-lived, as the new temp-CEO begged Bryce to return and assist in putting Sugar. on the right path.

By the time Bryce returned, The Confederation of xXPizzaXx (PIZZA) had began to take sov and had gained a foothold in Period Basis. Sugar. had been allies (at least on paper) with the neighboring alliance of Darkness., but they provided little military support. Some of the Sugar. leadership had been throwing insults at PIZZA, which prompted PIZZA to reinforce a number of Sugar’s stations. Bryce saw the writing on the wall, and reasoned that it would be best for his corp would be absorbed by PIZZA. Nu Genesis wished to not leave on poor terms with the rest of the alliance, so a meeting of Sugar’s leadership was called. The plan was to extend the offer of joining PIZZA to the rest of the alliance, but this was taken the wrong way and tempers flared. Following the meeting a number of leaders sequestered themselves in a locked channel, excluding Bryce, who soon found that his TS admin permissions removed.

This was the final straw for Bryce, so he flexed his alliance executor powers and revoked docking rights for all but his and Nu Genesis’ corps (Altruism and Gentlemen of Discerning Taste respectively). This rendered all assets for the member corps inaccessible. It’s still unclear how much ISK was effectively lost by this sudden loss of docking rights, but it was enough to enrage the members of Sugar. This prompted Nu Genesis to kick all but his and Bryce’s corps from the alliance. With that, Sugar. was effectively dead.

The second collapse comes from SMP. (Space Monkeys Protectorate).  This alliance was based in Scalding Pass, sharing the region with Gorgon after having been drawn to the area i the midst of the fighting between TEST, RA and others.

SMP have been experiencing leadership issues for weeks now, and the issues have finally come to a head. The leadership of the alliance instilled little confidence for other members. Some of these members made the decision to begin undermining the then-CEO Amely. At one point on May 27th, Pandemic Legion had interfered in a sov transfer between Gorgon and SMP, ending in SMP paying a 15B ransom to PL for the station in the system of HJ-BCH. The trend continued with Amely leveraging delegation way too often to run the alliance. Problems with his approach lay in the fact that the loss of cohesion in decision making pulled the alliance in multiple directions.

This led to various subversive elements within the organization execute what they saw as a proper course correction for SMP. As expected, the best of intentions often turn that which they’re trying to save to ash and bone.  And SMP was sadly not immune to this. As Amely slept one night, the coup was attempted.  However in a twist of fate, the coup planners had the idea to mail the largest corp in the alliance and inform the membership of their plans. Amely saw the mail and quickly took steps to exact revenge.

The ensuing chaos and flip-flop decisions resulted in all of the corps being kicked from the alliance save the alt corp of Amely, allegedly seizing over 100 Billion ISK in member assets in the process. This led to the remaining members of SMP creating a new alliance to make an attempt to hold the sov they had worked for.  As of now, they have been able to reclaim most of the systems SMP previously held. However, fellow Scalding Pass resident Solyaris Chtonium has so far seized a pair of systems that were previously held by SMP.

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