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Will Future Final Fantasy Games be on PC


Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition launches next month. The Windows Edition will include everything that the Royal Edition contains, with both releasing on the same day.

In an interview, the Windows Edition’s technical director and lead programmer Takeshi Aramaki spoke about the future of the franchise on the PC.

Aramaki stated that there’s a “good chance” that future iterations on the franchise will come to PC. This game took so long because “one of the things we were mindful of was that we didn’t want to make it a direct port, we wanted to develop it as a game for PC,” according to Kenichi Shida the game design and development manager.

There’s also another positive aspect in that developing Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition game the team some valuable experience for working with the platform. And with all the DLC coming to PC players, it’s clear that there’s a commitment to quality experiences for the future of the series.

They now have more experience adapting Final Fantasy XV’s Luminous engine to a range of PC hardware and specs, so he says the next game we make using Luminous will be much quicker in coming out on PC, and there’s a base for us to challenge ourselves further.” So not only could the next game be out on PC faster, it’ll be even better overall.

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In a completely expected round of questioning, Shida was asked about a possible Final Fantasy VII remake,  “we honestly can’t tell you what they’re planning!” was his response. At the very least, Final Fantasy fans can enjoy the Windows Edition and/or Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV while waiting on the remake.

Final Fantasy XV is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release set for March 6, 2018.

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