How to craft Exotic weapons in Destiny 2

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Crafting has become a critical part of Destiny 2, with a lot of renewed focus on the idea with the recent launch of the Witch Queen expansion. Crafting hinges on unlocking patterns to create the base weapon. When crafting an Exotic weapon, you’ll be able to modify the weapon’s barrel and stock, although the overall appearance of the Exotic weapon will remain the same.  These changes alter the core stats and perks of the item.

As you play the game, you gain various kinds of loot, including unique weapons and armor. These pieces of gear grant you stats and boons that can help in the various PvE and PvP modes you encounter. The looted versions are cool, but crafting offers a lot more power. When you unlock the weapon, you gain access to the base version. You can further upgrade it as well. And with Savathun gaining ground, you’re going to need all the power you can get.

Patterns in Destiny 2 are the core of this whole ordeal. Players need to gather those, then use them to make Exotic weapons in Destiny 2. There are a handful of ways you can go about unlocking a particular Pattern for a weapon. Not only do loot drops from dungeons and other PvE boss modes sometimes drop them, but they can also be gained from quests. Certain mid-to-late game quests offer Patterns in Destiny 2 as rewards. Patterns also lead to greater weapons. Eventually, after you earn enough Patterns, your next goal will be to hunt down Deepsight Resonance weapons. This higher tier of gear offers its own unique stats and bonuses to Guardians.

The Destiny 2 weapon crafting system actually adds six new resources to track. Each one is used as part of the DR weapons. Reading the description of a weapon will reveal the various goals you have to unlock perks, as well as extracting resources from the weapon. Be sure to do these when you can, if you plan to unlock more powerful weapons over time.

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How to level weapons quickly for crafting in Destiny 2

A crux of the system is a big process of leveling up weapons. You will get the basic Exotic stats when you make it. However, to access some of the better qualities and perks of your newly crafted weapon, you need to level it up. The game makes this pretty easy. Like many other activities in the game, the idea is to encourage players to engage with different activities. You can gain weapon XP to get levels in the weapon you use.

You may find yourself spending the day going through Gambit games, fighting other Guardians in the Crucible, or even fighting in Strikes. Each mode offers rewards, including weapon XP. For most players, Strikes and other game modes seem to be the best choice. So get out there and blast your way through Strikes to earn levels. However, this is not the only activity you can use. Do what suits your approach best.

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