Where to find Sulfur in V Rising

V Rising

V Rising is the hit new game this week. Many players are likening it to other crafting-focused open-world games, like Valheim. But really, it’s so much more than just that kind of game, but with fangs. The crafting is a huge part of it still, and it’s tons of fun. And as with any self-respecting survival game, you’ll need to do a lot of farming for crafting materials so you can build up your base and keep it from decaying.

Getting new items and gear to kit out your base with is a huge deal in this game.  The ability to get a better base is key as you need it to gain new gear and abilities. Your hub is basically the source of all your powers. You also get to upgrade that base with various facilities. You can unlock fast travel using the Vampire Waygate, for example. That building needs Gem stones and dust, and we have a guide for that. But now, back to the topic of this guide, Sulfur in V Rising.

Where to find Sulfur in V Rising

Sulfur in V Rising is one of those materials you’re going to need to put some work into getting. Sulfur in the real world is a notoriously toxic chemical to mine and process, and the conditions around mining it are often the subject of intense debate. Luckily, it’s much easier in video games. The distinctive yellow-green hue of sulfur rocks is striking enough that it’s very easy to spot. In V Rising, the same holds true when it comes to seeing the ore in the wild, look for the yellow ore nodes. Just like other ore nodes, you need at least a Copper Mace to mine them. When you find the sulfur rocks, or any other ore node, smack them to get at the treasure inside.

The rocks are found all over the Farbane Forests, but particularly at the Bandit Sulfur Quarry. As the name implies, it’s everywhere here. ou will also find several chests surrounding the mine which contain helpful loot. Be careful of the boss in the area at the back of it, it’s quite the dangerous foe.

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Once you’ve mined as much ore as you can carry, it’s time to head back to base. Just like other ores, it takes 20 Sulfur ore to create one unit of usable materials. You will need to return to your base to smelt it. The furnace requires 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore to build. ONce you have the setup done, you can now farm the resources at your leisure, and they respawn in the Quarry pretty quickly.

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