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Horizon Zero Dawn & Uncharted: The Lost Legacy head to PlayStation Now in January


With the impending launch of the PS5, the PS4 is starting to fall behind in interest for gamers. But that doesn’t mean Sony is throwing the console to the wind and the wolves. And with January 2020, some rather excellent PS4 titles will be getting a burst of popularity when they become part of the nearly 800 titles on Playstation Now. There’s three more games coming in January 2020. All three titles will be available to either stream or download on PlayStation Now, so get ready to have some fun this holiday season with some incredibly good games.

The first of these new entries is the incredibly engrossing Horizon Zero Dawn. Follow Aloy as she learns about the past and future of her world, uncovering long-lost mysteries, all while taking on giant robot monsters. Monster Hunter this ain’t but, it is a great game and one of best on the PS4. Check it out in the trailer below.

Next up is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.This is of course not a mainline entry – but a post-Nathan Drake spinoff that fans still seemed to love even without the charismatic star. Instead, we follow the exploits of Chloe Fraser as she gallivants through  India’s Western Ghats to locate the Golden Tusk of Ganesh. An incredible entry in a wonderful franchise.

Overcooked 2 adds a bunch of fun but frustrating co-op into the mix. If you have ever wanted to give your friends the full Gordon Ramsay treatment while feeding a literal horde of zombies brains on toast, this is the game for you. Team 17 also recently kicked off a holiday-themed event this week for added hilarity and festive cheer.

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