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Total War Three Kingdoms Multiplayer Campaign Spotlight

Total War Three Kingdoms Multiplayer Campaign Spotlight

In another new snippet of gameplay, Creative Assembly has given Total War fans a preview of what the new multiplayer campaign is like in Total War: Three Kingdoms. This new multiplayer mode is a bit of a big step for the franchise. Since the introduction of massive and sprawling modes like the Grand Campaign in prior titles, Creative Assembly have really been pushing the envelope to deliver something unique and gratifying to gamers who are jumping back into the iconic strategy franchise.

The multiplayer campaign offers players an endless array of choices to pick from in regards to who to play, but also plenty of choice for how players plan to achieve victory in the chaotic and ever-changing nature of the conflicts in this strategy title. With the incredibly complex and meandering plots of Ancient China as a backdrop, the game is shaping up to make this new version much more enjoyable than your typical multiplayer game.

In the spotlight, players can be seen to take on harder start positions by cooperating and allying with one another, but of course only when it’s convenient. The new diplomacy and subterfuge options in Total War: Three Kingdoms offer a few different choices for how to approach alliances and how to react with the game as it changes. For one thing, gamers can share the Mandate of Heaven goal to achieve a cooperative game that is hard set and changes the course of the game. It’s all pretty cool to see much more dynamism and choice being at play in this new title.

You can check out the full gameplay footage of the new campaign mode down below, and if you need to whet your whistle ahead of the May 23rd release of the game on PC, there’s plenty of other snippets to take a peek at. For one thing, there’s the huge number of factions in the game, or the deep political game you’ll need to play to survive the intrigue and deadly backstabbing of Imperial China. And if you’re planning on getting the game, go check out the PC system requirements for Total War: Three Kingdoms.

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