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How FFXIV Data Center Travel Works

How to unlock the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Data Center Travel is something that players have wanted to get their hands on for years. The ability to use a single character for multiple jobs always meant that many players stuck to one and only one character. And with so many servers, getting together with your friends made for a bit of a problem. Sure, you could buy a server transfer or make a new alt, but that was not always a preferred option. Now, that’s changing.

Traveling between data centers was brought to the fore in a recent patch, laying the ground for FFXIV Data Center Travel. This feature is pretty smooth to use, but does have some things to keep in mind. In Final Fantasy XIV, you can temporarily transfer to other servers in-game thanks to the world visit system, and it’s very easy to use. The game’s director and producer Naoki Yoshida outlined how the data center travel system would work, and in the most recent patch 6.18 patch notes, things got even clearer.

There are a few things to remember. You will be restricted from using certain features when using world travel. Keep in mind, this is not a permanent transfer. The purpose of this feature is to allow players to group up and adventure together for a bit, before heading home. All of the same restrictions while visiting a different server apply when on a different data center. If you’re unfamiliar or need a refresher, here are some notable things you cannot do when you move to a new server.

  • Access your retainers.
  • Access to legendary and unspoiled gathering nodes.
  • Sell anything on the Market Board (but you can still purchase items there).
  • Access the Moogle Delivery Service.
  • Form or join a free company, and view free company information.
  • Enter the housing lottery and purchase a housing plot or an apartment.
  • Hold or attend Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding (in-game weddings).
  • Enter Triple Triad and Lord of Vermillion tournaments, or buy Cactpot tickets at the Gold Saucer.
  • Enter or use Linkshell or FC chats from your home server.
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So yeah, it’s a pretty good mix of features, but there are downsides. The inability to join an FC in a given data center can make it hard to gather with other players, especially if you’re on a low-population server. If you want to scout out an FC to join ahead of this, check out the Community Finder.

If you’re unsure which servers you can move between, it’s simple. You can move between servers on the same data center using Aetherite. The World Travel option will allow you to move between data centers. Think of these as clusters of servers grouped into a singular unit.

You can check out the server list to see which servers are on a given data center.

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