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New Anthem trailer breaks down end-game options


We’re only a scant couple of weeks out from the launch of BioWare’s sci-fi online multiplayer game, Anthem, and fans are clamoring for more already. And now a new trailer has revealed some new details about the gameplay prospects players can expect on launch. In the case of the newest trailer for the game, it’s all about the end-game.

There are four major areas players can focus on after they complete the main story, adding a huge amount of depth and variety to this new shooter. Each kind of content will have its own challenges and requirements to play, and gamers should have plenty of fun figuring that stuff out once the game launches.

These areas will include:

  • Challenges
  • Contracts
  • Freeplay
  • Strongholds

BioWare touches on each of these points, but only goes into detail regarding two of them: Contracts and Strongholds. Contracts are a quest-like system the player can uses to interact with the three main in-game factions. These quests include daily, weekly, and monthly tasks with their own objectives and rewards. There is a special tier of high-level Contracts called unique Legendary Contracts given once reaching certain reputation thresholds. Strongholds are basically the end-game raids of other MMOs. These sprawling PvE encounters blend several encounters throughout a single area into one long “dungeon” with a boss at the end.

Check out the new “This is Anthem” trailer down below.

Freeplay Too?

Yes you read that correctly, Anthem is getting a freeplay mode that will allow players to explore the world in-depth. Players will also use the opportunity to engage with other elements of the game not covered in the narrative-driven story. As you navigate the open-world, you can fight enemies, hunt down open world events, gather crafting materials and so much more in order to progress through the game at your own pace.

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Since Anthem already has a major story component, and now a deep end-game grind, there’s just so much to do in the game that one has to wonder how Bioware will balance it all. We’ll just have to wait until launch to find that out though, luckily that’s only a couple of weeks away.

You can find more details about the freeplay section of the game in IGN’s video down below.

All said, that’s a huge amount of content for just one game. The game has so much to do before you even reach the expansive end-game that I can see a fair number of gamers sinking hundreds of hours into it.

In terms of other content, Bioware and EA have released plenty of other coverage for the game. There’s another trailer showcasing the story of Anthem. You can also take a look at the PC system requirements for the game too.

Anthem is due to release on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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