Where to get the Pre-Order Bonus in Weird West

Where to get the Pre-Order Bonus in Weird West

Wild West being a very much shooter-focused game, there are a lot of guns you’re going to be messing around with. Devolver loves their weird games, so the title is pretty fitting too. Your adventures in the various wastes and deserts of the new setting shooting through various encounters are tons of fun. The dark fantasy tones and humor blended with western ideals is a great fusion. But sometimes, times are tough. Players may have to scavenge for ammo if they run out. You might also want to learn how to cook to heal yourself up. That’s just the start. This game has a huge amount of hidden items and side quests to find.

Alongside all of the other items in the starting zone, there’s actually a free mount waiting for you. You will just have to head to the right spot to find it. Keep reading to find out where to get the Pre-Order Bonus in Weird West.

Where to get the Pre-Order Bonus in Weird West

The Calamity’s Bad Ankle DLC is added to the game in the form of a special in-game mount. But before you can claim it, you need to actually figure out where to go. There’s a letter in your home’s mailbox that can help you out. To get your pre-order bonus in Weird West, get through the intro and go to the in-game mailbox at Bell Stead. Anyone who pre-ordered the game will get this item for free, provided they go to claim it.

The Calamity’s Bad Ankle letter reads:

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“Howdy, Jane. Just writing to let you know Calamity’s ankle is healin’ up fine. She’s not as young as when you two used to ride across the West huntin’ bounties, but she’s still got plenty of fire in here–actin’ like a filly again now that she’s walkin’ better. She’s ready to head on home whenever you’ve got the time to pick her up. Flora even rustled up some spare saddlebags for her, mint as you please.”

The letter will instruct you to pick up your horse at Albright’s Stead, which is a bit northwest of your current location. Once you’ve read it, a new side quest will trigger. You will then be able to press M to open your map and see where to go. Now just travel over to Albright Stead and claim your mount.

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