BitLife: How to complete the Halloween Challenge

How to complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife

It’s a spooky time all over the gaming world this week. Halloween is just a few short hours away, and that means ghosts and goblins will run free. There’s a lot of spooky stuff to do in many different games. And CandyWriter is getting in on the fun too. There’s a new challenge called the the Halloween Challenge in BitLife. Here’s how to beat it.

As part of this new seasonal event, we’ve got some new challenges that just dropped. Players have a set of four things to do this week.  The Halloween Challenge is live, and it’s scary as heck. You have four days to get this stuff done. For those looking to complete the Halloween Challenge in BItLife, you need to finish an array of tasks within the next few days.The challenge this week is based around the iconic slasher film icon, Michael Myers. can you live up to the legend?

How to complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife

There are many tasks you need to complete. Some are based a bit more on fiction than reality, but they’re all pretty wild. Here are the steps you need to finish to complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife:

Make a male character to start. Your stats don’t matter too much, although it might make it easier to have a high Body score, as this implies physical strength. It’s currently unclear if this really matters. What does matter a lot is having a ton of money. You can take whatever method you like, but you just need to get a ton of cash. Being born wealthy helps, but you could also grind out a good career and save up a few million. Although in old age, it’s probably harder to avoid getting caught.

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When you have all that money. go to the Activities tab and choose the Crime. Choose the Murder option and click the option to Impale. The first time you do this, you need to do it to your own sister. This is one of the things that makes this challenge so hard, as it’s entirely reliant on RNG. Keep remaking a character until you get a family with a sister. Now you can go in and impale her.

You need to successfully kill a total of six people in this way. Kill one and go to prison, then kill five more after you escape. Escaping prison is actually kind of hard, as you will likely get caught if you’re unprepared. If you get lucky and manage to fight off the charges five more times, you’re golden. If you go to prison again, just keep trying to escape.

Your goal is to reach the Exit sign and not be caught by the guard. Whenever you move, the guard moves. Keep an eye out for his pattern, every guard seems to have one. It’s sometimes hard to predict, but just keep trying. Be careful though, if you get caught too many times, it gets much harder the next time.

Once you get out and wrap up that murder spree, you will be able to complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife.

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