Where to find Grubs and Grub Hide in Grounded

How to craft a Chopping Tool in Grounded

Grubs and Grub Hide in Grounded are one of the first resources you will find in the game. The animals themselves aren’t all that threatening, but getting to them and the food and crafting resources they represent is a challenge. The area Grubs inhabit is filled with dangerous bugs, and you won’t have top-tier gear yet.

To get Grubs and Grub hide, make your way over to the Oak Tree and then look on the ground for fallen acorns. When you find one, smash it up with your hammer. This will give you the components you need to make a shovel. You’re going to need that later.

Grub meat can also be used in Smoothies for a nice buff. We also collected a list of all of the other crafting recipes in the game. Check that out if you’re confused on what you need to make something.

Where to find Grubs and Grub Hide in Grounded

Head for the area nearby to the Mysterious Machine, after you accidentally set off an explosion trying to use it. The area is loaded with various enemies, but the grubs are often hidden. Look for small shifting patches of mud that look like something is crawling underneath. That’s where grrubs are hiding.

Dig those disturbed patches up with your shovel and it should reveal a grub. Use any weapon like the axe to stab the creature to kill it. You can loot the corpse for Grub Hide. Grub Hide is useful for making a canteen, and the meat is useful for cooking. Both of these will make it much easier to survive out in the wild during the day, as you can better manage thirst and hunger.

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The best way to find them is to use the shovel nearby to the roots on the big Oak Tree. The Acorn Shovel recipe is learned by analyzing Woven Fiber, and you can craft it with 2 Sprigs, 1 Woven Fiber, and 1 Acorn Shell. Sprigs can be picked up anywhere in the backyard, Woven Fiber is crafted from Plant Fiber. Craft one of those and get to digging for Grubs.

The real important use for the Grub Hide is setting your respawn point with a lean-to. This simple structure can be placed anywhere, and you will spawn back to it when you die, as long as you use the “Set as Respawn” option it has.

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