How to impale someone in BitLife

How to complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife

It’s a spooky time all over the gaming world this week. Halloween is just a few short hours away, and that means ghosts and goblins will run free. The gaming season has gotten spooky indeed, and folks are ready to get scared.

As part of this new seasonal event, we’ve got some new challenges that just dropped. Players have a set of four things to do this week.  The Halloween Challenge is live, and it’s scary as heck. You have four days to get this stuff done. For those looking to complete the Halloween Challenge in BItLife, you need to finish an array of tasks within the next few days. The crux of this is all about becoming just like Vlad the Impaler, the legendary figure Dracula is loosely based on.

How to impale someone in BitLife

This is actually a holdover from a Vampire Challenge last year, but it’s still cool to see. Here’s what to do. We’re going to cover this guide as if you’re trying to complete the new Halloween Challenge.

Make a male character to start. Your stats don’t matter too much, although it might make it easier to have a high Body score, as this implies physical strength. It’s currently unclear if this really matters. What does matter though is having a lot of money. It might be a good idea to be born into royalty in BitLife if you can, as this will speed all this up.

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The money makes it easier to get away with the murder you’re about to commit. If you don’t want to go the royal route, just find a way to make a lot of money. Maybe become a social media star and wait until you’re older to get this done.

When you have all that money. go to the Activities tab and choose the Crime. Choose the Murder option and click the option to Impale. That’s how you impale someone in BitLife.

Now you need to keep doing it. When you get caught, hire the best lawyers you can get. This will help keep you out of prison, as you need to get away with murder many times before you can complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife. Once you’ve impaled a few people and avoided prison, you should get a special reward.

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