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The Paradox Management Humble Bundle is live now

Paradox Interactive

Do you like city-builder games? Do you like helping out with charity? Well if the answer to those two questions is yes, Humble Bundle has some great news. Coming right off of the heels of the launch of the Humble Choice subscription service, we’ve got a brand new bundle of management and city-builder games. This time Paradox Interactive takes the wheel to offer up some of their best games in the genre, along with a huge truckload of DLC.

This genre is my personal chill-out genre. I’m not quite sure what I like about the idea of dealing with traffic laws and taxes, I certainly hate it in real life, but there’s just something very zen about dealing with the video game equivalent. And also, I really like designing insane city layouts. Maybe that’s why I’ve spent so much time playing Cities: Skylines.

If I didn’t already have most of these, I would buy this bundle. It’s a pretty good deal at the top level, as you get all three bundles for $18, and you get a couple of amazing management sims, 1 not-so-great traffic management sim, and a sci-fi city-builder. The bundle starts today and runs until December 24.

What’s included

The Paradox Interactive Management bundle includes three tiers you can purchase.

$1 USD or more

Humble includes three games and one piece of DLC in the lowest tier:

  • Prison Architect
  • Prison Architect – Aficionado
  • Cities in Motion
  • Cities in Motion 2

The average or more

If you spring for a bit more, and beat the average price, you get the following games and DLC.

  • Cities: Skylines
  • Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: European Suburbia
  • Cities: Skylines – Green Cities
  • Cities: Skylines – Synthetic Dawn Radio
  • Cities in Motion: US Cities
  • Cities in Motion: Tokyo
  • Cities in Motion: German Cities
  • Cities in Motion 2: European Cities

$18 USD or more

There’s one final tier to discuss. If you want to take your business acumen to space, here’s your chance. You get one more Cities: Skylines DLC, but also a whole bundle of the excellent sci-fit city-builder, Surviving Mars – Deluxe Edition and three expansion packs.

  • Surviving Mars – Deluxe Edition
  • Cities: Skylines – Industries
  • Surviving Mars: Space Race
  • Surviving Mars: Green Planet
  • Surviving Mars: Project Laika
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