How to escape prison in BitLife

How to complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife

When you do things in BitLife, there are always consequences. Players will find that if they live a life of crime, they’re going to have trouble. And if you’re taking it to the extreme, you’re going to end up in prison. The new weekly Halloween Challenge in BitLife is all about murder, and you even need to escape prison. It’s not going to be easy, but there are patterns to it all. Escaping means you’ll have to perform the mini-game associated with it, and do it right. Here’s what to do.

How to escape prison in BitLife

When you load into the prison escape mini-game, you have one goal. Your goal is to reach the Exit sign and not be caught by the guard. Whenever you move, the guard moves. Keep an eye out for his pattern, every guard seems to have one. It’s sometimes hard to predict, but just keep trying. Be careful though, if you get caught too many times, it gets much harder the next time.

The guard AI isn’t exactly the smartest though. Sometimes, you can get them to trap themselves.

The best way to do this is to take a moment and look at what map you’re on. There are usually walls blocking certain parts of the map. If you move, look where the guard goes. Make a few speculative moves and try to trap the guard behind these walls.  Sometimes, the guard will mirror your movement, try to get them to slam into a wall, and then path around them. You could try to move to the back of the map, then make sudden moves around the wall to try and trick the guard into being behind you. It’s somewhat RNG-dependent, but not impossible.

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You can keep trying though, so it’s not too bad. Just hope you don’t have a run of bad luck.

Once you get out the first time, you don’t want to go back. Try hiring the best lawyers you can afford next time. When you get caught, hire the best lawyers you can get. This will help keep you out of prison, as you need to get away with murder many times before you can complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife. Once you’ve impaled enough people, you’re done.

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