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Luigi’s Mansion 3DS has a spooky new trailer

Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Face Your Fears Trailer

Ever since the original Luigi’s Mansion debuted as a ghost-hunting adventure for the Nintendo GameCube back in 2001, fans have clamored for a sequel or a modern remaster. Well Nintendo fans got their wish recently as the less-popular of the Mario Bros. is coming back to haunt the 3DS in a re-imagined version of the classic Luigi’s Mansion.

The story starts out much the same as the original game. Luigi has won a new mansion that turns out to be filled to the rafters with ghosts and other baddies, and Mario has somehow been trapped inside, leaving up Luigi to save the day. Along the way he’ll tangle with ghosts, rogue banana peels and other traps, as well as plenty of puzzles.

Nintendo has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing many of the classic gameplay elements on the new platform. We see the Pultergeist 3000 once again. And we also get a peek at some of the challenges Luigi will face as he attempts to rescue his brother. From wrangling ghouls and ghosts with the iconic vacuum cleaner, to avoiding being flattened by trapped doors, Luigi will have a lot obstacles in his way, and it’s up to the player to make sure he survives.

This new version will include new features for release as well. Namely, the game will have a 2-player co-op mode to take on the adventure with a friend. The second player will control a green silhouette of Luigi and you can both play through the game together as long as you both own a copy of the game. Two players can also play together using a single copy, but only the boss fights will be playable cooperatively.

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Luigi’s Mansion will be available for 3DS on October 12. Check out the latest gameplay trailer down below.

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