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Steam devs and publishers can now create custom homepages

Steam Developer Pages Beta

This new feature was mentioned recently by Valve and the publisher and developer pages on Steam are now live. This new feature looks similar to the Curator pages but this way you can keep track of upcoming releases as well as discounts.

Acting as a sort of expansion to wishlists and curators, these new hompages act as a way for companies to curate their content in a single place. Fans can now follow all of their favorite developers and get updates on the new games that they release. Developers with larger numbers of titles under their belt can divide their collection into genres, by franchise or by op-selling titles.

Here’s what Valve had to say about the new feature:

We’re pretty excited to get the core functionality into the hands of players and give developers the opportunity to set up their presence on Steam. While we haven’t worked out all of the smaller bugs or finished adding every feature we’d like to, we decided that the basic set of functionality is worth putting into the hands of players and creators.

We still have a number of features that we are considering adding and there are still a few rough edges that need smoothing out, so opening this system up as a beta to players and developers will help us gather feedback and suggestions that inform the direction of those features.

You can learn more about Creator Homepages by heading on over to the Steam blog.

Of course, Valve still has other issues to work out, like the ongoing lack of quality control on the platform, I just hope this isn’t the solution Valve was talking about when they said they’d put more control into the hands of users.

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