How to Become a Factory Worker in BitLife

How to Complete the Blonde Bombshell Challenge in BitLife

With each week in BitLife, there are new things to get done. The weekly challenges have stacked up over the years, and that means there’s always something to do. The Challenge Vault also adds all the historical challenges, that way you don’t miss something. The challenge this week is a bit of a weird one, and that’s OK. The Blonde Bombshell challenge means you need to slog through life, and then find your own form of beauty, in a way. The second objective of the Blonde Bombshell challenge is to become a Factory Worker in BitLife. Keep reading to learn how to get this step done.

How to Become a Factory Worker in BitLife

The ability to become a factory worker in BitLife is pretty easy to get. Unlike other lucrative careers in this game, there are no added requirements to get this job. You just need to get through High School to get this task done. The degrees needed for other jobs aren’t needed this time around, which means you can skip college.

Your parents will automatically send you to Elementary school once you turn 5 in-game. Use the age up(+) icon to keep transitioning and reach High School. Even the stats on your character don’t matter too much, as long as your Looks are high for the rest of the Blonde Bombshell challenge.

Just click on the Jobs menu on the main menu, then the Full-Time Jobs option. The listing of different jobs at the entry level will show up, and you need to pick the one you want. Look for the Factory Worker job listed as Factory Worker (Corporate) or Junior Factory Worker (Corporate). In case you cannot find that listing, age up using the + icon to refresh job offers. You can sometimes refresh the list by closing and reopening the app, but the overall first option is usually more reliable.

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And once you’re done with this, you can move onto the other steps, listed below:

  • Be Born a female in Los Angeles
  • Become a factory worker
  • Become a famous model after working in a factory
  • Master the piano
  • Pose for a scandalous magazine
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