Can you fast travel in Nexomon: Extinction?

Can you fast travel in Nexomon: Extinction?

Nexomon: Extinction is a revitalized classic. Players take on the role of a Tamer, tasked with catching and training unique monsters. The game features 300 unique Nexomon to catch and train, mimicking a bunch of the classic monster-catching games.

So while this game might be pretty basic, and feel a lot like a clone of more popular games, it does have some modern conveniences that make it less of a slog to walk around in. It also doesn’t hurt that the overall art style and presentation lend themselves to a much less samey experience. Players are definitely exploring a new world here and will want to check every nook and cranny they can find. Why? Because you will never know what you might uncover.

Before you go all out and start exploring, make sure to progress in the game a bit. You’re going to be a pretty crummy Tamer at the start. The game starts you off fairly basic, you only have access to a few areas and a small portion of tools in the game. And as a result, you can only catch a few of the massive roster of Nexomon.

As you rise through the ranks and catch more Nexomon, you will eventually be introduced to the Tamers Guild. This part of the game is effectively a tutorial before it chucks you into the deep end. Complete the tasks the Guild lays out for you and you should unlock the Bronze Tamer rank.

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Once that’s done, it’s time to start exploring. There’s a lot to explore here and you’re not going to want to walk all that way. So when and how can you fast travel in Nexomon: Extinction? It’s actually pretty simple, here’s how the system works.

You will now unlock the basic fast travel in Nexomon: Extinction via the Warpstones. The Warpstones are scattered all over the game world, and can be used to jump from place to place quickly. You will want to use these when you can, but there’s a problem. You first have to find and activate a Warpstone to use it. You can only travel to Warpstones that have already been activated, so your initial range is a little limited. The only real issue is that the stones will always spawn you at the stone itself after you select a destination. So if your target is off the beaten path a bit, get ready for some journeying.

Every major zone will have at least one Warpstone to use. You will want to trek around and grab each one when you hit a new area.

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