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New Spintires: Mudrunner content and Mudrunner 2 coming this year

Spintires: Mudrunner 2 Announced

Spintires: Mudrunner, the 2017 revival of the original 2014 Spintires had some rocky times in the past. Disputes between the original developer Pavel Zagrebelny and publisher Oovee left the original version of the game stagnant and lacking in updates. Though neither side admitted wrongdoing, many in the community side with the developer over their allegations of not being paid, among other problems.

Cut forward to 2017 and the release of a new and updated spin-off Spintires: Mudrunner. This version featured updated graphics, mod support, more vehicles, new maps and a ton of other updated and improved features. Over the years, the new developer, Saber Interactive, has pushed out various expansions and updates to improve on the core gameplay.

And now we know that another free DLC is incoming for the offroading game.

In a recent Community Update over on the Focus Home Interactive Forums, the community manager for the offroading sim revealed some new plans for the franchise headed into 2019. Yes I said franchise because one of the chief announcements was that the developer is busily working on a sequel. This sequel was announced in August 2018, and now we finally have more details.

To gauge community interest, and to gather feedback on their ideas for the sequel and future content, Saber put together a fairly lengthy MudRunner Community Survey in the hopes that players and fans would fill it out and give them insight into what people like about their ideas. Although it’s worth noting that development is well underway on both this new DLC and Spintires: Mudrunner 2, meaning that it’s feature-complete at this time. This means that Saber Interactive will not be taking ideas for new features with this survey.

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This new DLC joins the likes of the American Wilds expansion, which took the player to the backwoods of America and let them plow around in some huge American-made machines. The game also received two free DLC packs in the form of ‘The Valley’ and ‘The Ridge’, new maps.

More details are expected about both the new DLC and the sequel in April at Focus Home Interactive’s presser. That’s due to happen around April 11th or so, so come back around then to see what’s up.

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