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New Corrupted Hideout Enters the Store Along with Huge Decorations Sale in POE

Path of Exile Legion

Grinding Gear Games has announced a bunch of Path of Exile news, mostly concerning the in-game Hideouts players use as bases in Wraeclast. Not only did they just release yet another new Hideout template for players to tinker with, there’s also a major sale going on. Said sale includes more than 60 decorations across a wide array of expansions, up to and including the most recent Legion release.

The Corrupted Hideout is a terrifying Vaal-inspired new layout for player “homes” in POE. This place is piled with human sacrifices and other bloody visages. So if you’re looking to honor Atziri with some insane Hideout decorations, then this is the template for you.

Hideouts have gotten increasingly more complex after a recent patch made hideouts finally shared across the entire player account. Betrayal League offered a major revamp to Hideouts and Mastercrafting, part of which included the major change to player Hideouts. Players took this opportunity and ran with it, creating a ton of really creative projects that showed their talent. GGG then took these and created a “best of” compilation, which can be seen below.

Check out the videos showcasing both the new Corrupted Hideout and the community showcase down below.

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