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Tetris Effect PC port headed for Epic Games Store

Tetris Effect headed for PC via Epic Games Store

Tetris Effect, the previously Sony exclusive title for the PS4, is making the jump to PC. If you’ve been wanting more Tetris action that isn’t the over-the-top craziness of Tetris 99, this could be a good pickup for you.

The gameplay is a very big twist from the typical block-stacking elements of the original versions. Tetris Effect managed to take a fresh new look and much more kinetic gameplay that enhances the gameplay loop to an insane degree. And with the PC release, performance allows for more intense visuals, higher resolution and an even more beautiful experience. There’s a very obvious reason why this game won so many awards since its original PS4 launch.

Check out the trailer for the game down below.

The PC version is also being tuned for VR support via platforms like the HTC Vive, so if you want some really intense puzzle-solving in VR, this is the game for you. Fair warning though, this is already a visually stunning game, VR could be too intense for some.

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And as usual with these Epic deals, this port will be an exclusive for a set time. There’s no set timeframe for that exclusivity deal will last for, but at least we have a release date. Tetris Effect will launch next week on PC on July 23rd. So while some gamers might want to avoid it for the time being if they detest Epic, there’s no good reason not to play this amazing game at all.

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