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Total War: Rome 2 – Rise of the Republic DLC announced

Total War Rome 2 DLC Rise of the Republic

The latest DLC for Total War: Rome 2 has been announced, and it’s focusing on the period of history pre-dating the rise of the ancient power.

In 399 BC, the Gauls under Brennus almost crushed the legend of Rome before it even began when they sacked the city. The urgency and chaos of the time period are what developers Creative Assembly wish to achieve in this new Total War: Rome 2 offering.

Total War on the Italian Peninsula

The Total War: Rome 2 – Rise of the Republic DLC will allow players to choose the following factions:

  • The young Roman Republic under Marcus Furius Camillus
  • The Samnites, a rival state on the Italian peninsula
  • The Senones, the Gallic tribe under their chieftain Brennus
  • Syracuse, a Sicilian city-state ruled by Greeks
  • Various other tribes and city-states that vied for power in the Italian peninsula such as Taras, a city-state founded by Sparta

The Rise of the Republic DLC will also introduce new mechanics such as Government Actions specific to the faction of your choosing. Rome will gain the ability to appoint special Consuls or Dictators in times of crisis, which may be many during this time. In other examples like the Gallic tribes, they may create tribal councils to lead them through trying times.

The DLC pack will also implement more faction-specific actions within specific event chains that recreate important moments in history. Players may also take their faction in new directions depending on their choices during these event chains. These dilemmas have the chance to change the face of history, how will you respond?

Total War: Rome 2 – Rise of the Republic is set for release on August 9. Players may also opt-in for the beta via Steam. Check out the trailer for the DLC down below.

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