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400-Player Battle Royale Game ‘Mavericks’ Releases Teaser Trailer

Mavericks Proving Grounds Gameplay

In the most recent PC Gamer Weekeneder, a new contender in the Battle Royale genre has entered the arena. Automaton pitched what they’re billing as the next evolution of the genre, in the 400-player shooter Mavericks. Automaton is planning to release the game in multiple “Phases”. The devs also explain how Mavericks: Proving Grounds uses advanced photogrammetry to present a realistic environment that will apparently look exceptional at any time of day, and during any weather condition, while at the same time allowing for a high level of destructibility.

A more standard 100-player mode for solo players is also planned for later this year, in what Automaton is calling its “Phase 1” release. Phase 2 will push the game even further, creating a massive RPG environment that can support as many as 1000 players.

Mavericks developer Automaton has been vague in terms of mechanics, but we know they plan to implement a series of goals spread across the map, with various obstacles aside from 399 people shooting at you in the way of you accomplishing said goal. It will be interesting to see how the game manages to spread the player groups out while keeping the action and tension ratcheted up to 11. The devs have said that the title won’t use the typical shrinking battlefield to force conflict like PUBG or Fortnite.

Can Mavericks offer up enough change to introduce a massive change to the massively popular Battle Royale genre? Only time will tell. The second phase of content is planned for release in 2019, but other than that, we don’t have firm information about release dates just yet. Mavericks is headed for a closed beta this summer.

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