Does No Man’s Sky Have Crossplay?

How to find the colossal archive buildings in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a name that lived in infamy when it was first launched. The insanely huge promises and hyped-up marketing of the game really bit it hard. Many took to the internet to voice their displeasure, and to attack Sean Murray, the face of the company. Murray had been a principal promoter of the game since it was first announced, making tons of promises about what the game entailed.

The game got lambasted on launch thanks to this approach. The game was riddled with bugs, and many of the promised features just weren’t there. Hello Games has definitely since bounced back from that. As of now, the game is on version 3.0, all content being released for free by the way, and show no sign of slowing. Players can now play across wildly mutated worlds, explore horrifying and spooky deep seas and lost freighters and so much more. In some small ways, Hello Games actually managed to redeem that early failure into a promising game.

The team is already working on a new game on a much smaller scale, but that’s now what we’re talking about today. The latest update, Origins has added even more free content.

The new content centers around exploring long-lost ruins and finding the history of the universe in the game. So there’s a simple question that many players seem to have. It’s because they want to play together, and it would be tons of fun to play this new content with your pals.

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Does No Man’s Sky Have Crossplay?

Yes, in very simple terms, it does. You will need to hop through some hoops to invite friends though. The first thing you need to do is look at your profile and find your friend code. THat’s what you need to invite other players or have them invite you.

Open the Menu and then go to the “Options” submenu. Now select “Network” to bring up the “Multiplayer” menu and settings for your game. Click “View No Man’s Sky Friends List” to trigger the friends invite function to the front. On this page, you will see an input box for putting in someone else’s friend code. You can also see your own on this page. You can also get to this menu from the main menu as well.

Using this code, you can invite anyone regardless of whether they’re playing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC.

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