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EVE Online leak reveals new region coming in-game

The Scope Triglavian Collective

All these months, and all that waiting, and we finally get to see what the Triglavian Collective has been building towards. As the invasion storyline in EVE Online reaches its crescendo, players are curious about what’s coming next. The Triglavians are apparently about to massively disrupt the way the entire game’s map is laid out, and are even getting their own region.

Triglavians Declare War

For some background, the build-up to the Invasion Arc in EVE has seen a ton of lore and speculation about the Triglavians and their motivations. when their forces finally appeared in New Eden, things started to heat up. Players were split into two factions, the Kybernauts fighting on the side of the invaders, and the EDENCOM defenders. Both sides fought bitterly over various objectives across a variety of systems in the cluster. After sustained fighting 27 systems had been taken over by the invading aliens.

If you thought the Drifters were bad, wait until you find you what the Collective had planned. The real plan was unveiled those 27 systems began to have their stars harvested by giant Triglavian structures.

And now, as Stargates across the game flicker and go offline, the goals are finally being revealed. CCP had seemingly planned to roll this news out over the next few days, but dataminers undermined that plan.  A new leak has revealed that the game is getting a full Triglavian region that’s connected to Abyssal Deadspace. players will not be able to jump into or out of it, and the existing Stargates will be permanently disabled.

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When that happens, 27 systems total will be essentially locked off into a new region. Each of the three in-game factions of Triglavians will take control of 9 systems, and each constellation will have a capital with unique structures in it. As for what’s going on inside, that’s harder to say. IT has been confirmed that Triglavian resources will spawn, and act as the bedrock for a resource redistribution plan CCP has in the works.

It looks like Trig Space is going to become the new hotness pretty soon.

How to access Trig Space

To access the new systems, players will need to use Filaments that lead into Abyssal Deadspace, and have proper standing with the Triglavians. Think of it like a Trig HighSec. If your standing is too low, you will either be blown up, or outright denied entry. You may also use Wormholes to get in, with the following types: C729, X450, F216, U372, R081. These wormholes have mass restrictions that prevent Capitals and Freighter-class ships from entering. The largest ships that will be allowed in are Battleship-size hulls and the Orca.

New Triglavian Region Map

New Triglavian Region Map

Source: Reddit

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