Destiny 2’s Guardian Games 2021 Guide

The Guardian Games 2021 in Destiny 2 bring a new twist to the Olympian event in the shooter. The event goes live on April 20. After that time, we’re looking at a new variant of the Guardian Games, with basically the same premise. Players will compete in various activities to earn Medals, which are then traded in for Laurels. That’s how you score points and earn rewards.

Just like the last batch of these themed events, you get to compete to see what Destiny 2 players are the best at various activities.  By playing copious amounts of Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit you can earn Medals. The more Gold Medals you hand in, the more points you earn.  You turn these in at Eva in the Tower, right by Eververse and Banshee.

Here’s the full breakdown in points you can earn from the events:

  • Bronze: 1 Point
  • Silver: 2 Points
  • Gold: 5 Points
  • Platinum: 15 Points

To earn points, you need to compete in the Guardian Games Playlist.

Guardian Games Playlist

This playlist will use Strikes as the key content. These playlists run through a variety of missions, and that means that you’re going to get lots of content variety. And it’s not just normal A-B Strikes this time. Each playlist run will have modifiers placed on them that alter the way the mission plays.

Here are the positive modifiers that apply a benefit to players in each playlist.

  • Gold: Health, shields, and recovery are increased. Kinetic weapons deal more damage.
  • Silver: Melee abilities recharge faster. Elemental damage increased from Guardian sources. More Heavy ammo available.
  • Bronze: Grenade abilities deal more damage and recharge much faster. Elemental damage increased from Guardian sources.

In addition, the playlist will also get a set of negative mods. Each one will be applied based on the classes that finished lower in the rankings last time. The Gold Class gets the Silver and Bronze modifiers, the Silver class gets the Bronze modifier as well.

  • Gold: Takes both sets of modifiers and combines them, making Gold playlist runs much harder.
  • Silver: Warlock Radar is disabled and combatants don’t flinch when damaged. The Bronze mods are increased in potency in Silver, but largely the same.
  • Bronze: Titan melee attacks take more damage. Hunter Loses Radar. Warlocks take mode damage while airborne.
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Contender Cards Explained

Platinum medals are worth 15 Points, Gold Medals are worth 5. So it would make sense to try for the upper tier of rewards. You can only get Platinum variants via the new high-tier Contender Cards. A special Platinum Contender Card is being handed out this year, aiming to offer a special reward for those that take on Raids and Nightfall missions, the true endgame. Do well here, and you earn some quite unique rewards in turn.

During the weekend of each week of the event, you will be rewarded a special glow depending on your performance in the Guardian Games 2021 the week prior. The better you do, the more pretty your reward. To get that snazzy All-Star reward you need to place high enough to get the Platinum Contender Card by Friday before the weekly reset.

  • Third place receives a bronze glow.
  • Second place receives a silver glow.
  • First place receives a gold glow.
  • All-Stars receive a platinum glow.
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