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Nippon Ichi Software announces new horror game, Closed Nightmare

Closed Nightmare Trailer

Today Nippon Ichi Software Announced that its cinematic horror adventure Closed Nightmare for PS4 and Nintendo Switch will release in Japan on July 19th.

The story centers around Maria Kamishiro, an amnesiac who is lost in a strange and dangerous place. A place rife with insane killers, occult rituals and enigmatic worshipers.

Throughout the course of the trailer we’re introduced to other characters such as the mysterious Chizuru who contacts Maria with cryptic messages over the phone. We also get glimpses at the gameplay which is comprised of an eclectic mix of live-action cutscenes and still adventure game scenes. The story follows multiple characters as they attempt to solve the overarching puzzle revolving around their shared amnesia and being trapped in this strange murder cult.

Prologue (via Dengeki PlayStation)

The protagonist wakes up in a dim and dreary room, and has lost all memories about herself. Her left arm is mysteriously paralyzed, as she is unable to move it.

There is a cellphone left in the room and it rings. On the other line is a child’s voice who calls herself Chizuru. “You are Maria Kamishiro. You are a participant in this experiment. I will tell you your role.”

Chizuru tells Maria in a mechanical tone of voice that if she successful in this “experiment,” she will be released, and then suddenly hangs up.

However, there is no indication of when the experiment will begin. Or perhaps it is already beginning?

At any rate, it is clear that you have gotten dragged into an unusual situation. While Chizuru’s goals are unclear, you have to find a way to escape from this place as quickly as possible.

Key Features (via Amazon Japan)

  • Presented Like a Live-Action Horror Movie – The event scenes of Closed Nightmare play out through live-action video. From the first-person perspective of the protagonist Maria, who is played by an actress, you can enjoy highly immersive fear as if you are experiencing it yourself.
  • Exploration Parts: Investigate Items and Clues – During exploration parts, you can investigate areas of interest in a room. Move the cursor onto objects and solve challenges to find clues. By using the items you obtain, such as the instant camera and IC recorder, you can acquire various information.
  • Challenge Parts: Unravel Various Mysteries – Several rooms exist within the building, and in each room are challenges. During challenge parts, solve their gimmicks and puzzles with the goal of escaping from the building. Occasionally maddeningly difficult games exist within “investigation games,” where you find the correct answer based on the clues you obtained.

Closed Nightmare is due out for PlayStation 4 and Switch on July 19 in Japan.

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