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GGG announces weekend MTX sale and tons of new cosmetics

Path of Exile Legion

So GGG just kicked off yet another weekend sale, this time we’ve got over 100 items on discount. There are one hundred Footprints, Portals and Character Effects are available at discounted prices on the POE cash shop. Get some really cool Hideout items and skill effects in Path of Exile.

As part of this sale, GGG is also offering some goodies for free. The developer is offering one free Frontier Mystery Box when you spend any amount of points in the store, so go grab a Weta Pet for 5 points and get a free mystery box for some extra MTX. The offer is available on PC and consoles and ends at Jul 23, 2019.

But a great sale and some giveaways isn’t the only thing on offer this weekend. GGG has also introduced a couple new MTX effects tying together some existing sets with new items.

The first of the newly added MTX cosmetics is the Automaton Storm Brand. This is the fifth of the Automaton effects GGG has introduced.

Then there’s the new Vampiric Portal. If you’re looking for a hanging pool of blood and goo for your hideout in Wraeclast, this is for you. It even has a bunch of bats and skulls for extra spooky emphasis.

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