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Final Fantasy XIV banwave boots 6,000 RMT accounts

RMT, or real money trading, is the bane of any online game. Buyers go out and buy currency and items for a game, but not from the developers. This leads to tons of in-game spam from the sellers trying to advertise to players, but there’s a greater problem. The sources for the actual currency and items are often nefarious. If it’s not from botting or scamming in-game, some RMT operations even resort to hacking player accounts and stealing their assets.

As a result, the companies behind various online games do all they can to stop these activities. This will mean that not only is RMT a bannable offense, but that it means you’re not going to get to appeal that ban. And that’s the case for nearly 6,000 Final Fantasy XIV accounts this week. Square Enix has announced that they banned nearly 6,000 accounts during the most recent Final Fantasy XIV banwave targeted at RMT activities.

The developer behind the massively popular MMO has banned 5,037 accounts for buying or selling RMT assets. They also nuked another 814 spam accounts that were advertising such services in-game. And these ban waves will likely continue. Square Enix says in their announcement that “we will continue to take stringent disciplinary action against any accounts with confirmed involvement in RMT/illicit activity; players should take care to steer clear of any activity that violates the Terms of Service.”

And it’s not just RMT that’s bannable either. The company highlights thta cheating and exploits of other fashions will be banned as well. They encourage players to not share exploits or hacks,  and ask that “players who discover any confirmed cheats should, under no circumstances, exploit or disseminate such information. Instead, [Square asks] that players file a report.”

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