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Fortnite Update 8.10 adds baller new vehicle

Fortnite v8 Patch Notes

The Fortnite 8.10 title update is pretty baller, because it’s rolling out a new vehicle into the battle royale landscape, OK I’ll stop. Anyway, the 8.10 update adds a few noteworthy additions to the game that we’re going to cover right here.

First and foremost, Fortnite is getting a new vehicle called the Baller. Think of a mechanized and weaponized hamster ball, and you’ve generally got the idea for this oddball of destruction. It’s big feature is the ability to grapple and boost while using it, allowing players to scale walls, climb trees and otherwise bounce around the map in new ways. Let’s just hope this new vehicle doesn’t end up going the way of the previous additions, and getting removed after being either unused or unbalanced.

Other new map additions include a series of randomly placed vending machines that grant players new weapons and gear, although they disappear after a single use, so get there quick to snag some free loot. In terms of other loot, a couple of weapons like the Infantry Rifle and Asssault Rifle had their rarity rates adjusted, and the drop rates of Treasure Maps has been nerfed.

A new limited time gamemode has also been added to the game – in The Getaway, players race to collect jewels that are stashed around random locations on the game map. These jewels appear in safes, and you must secure the safe to open it, which takes time. That time it takes to crack a safe leaves you vulnerable, so focus on building defenses and clearing the area before taking a safe.

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Speaking of game modes, cross-play is now a thing just for Xbox One and PS4 players in Fortnite. Anyone on these platforms who wishes to enable the feature must opt-in through their settings though. Players opt-ing out are restricted to Creative Mode and Playgrounds. The change is being made to seperate player pools between mobile, Switch, and other consoles. Previously when Switch and mobile players were matched with other consoles, they would be at a disadvantage.

Source: Fortnite Site

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