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Minecraft is Coming to Xbox Game Pass in April

Xbox One

Popular voxel-based building adventure Minecraft has become cemented in our cultural awareness for a variety of reasons. From the ceaseless tedium that swallows infinite amounts of time, to the massive modding community, to the rabid fanbase, all of this and more has turned a simple game about mining and exploration into a juggernaut that influenced an entire generation of gamers.

Because of this runaway success, the game was ported to every gaming platform that could reasonably support it. From the PC, it made the jump to various mobile devices and game consoles, including consoles from all three of the big names. In 2012, Minecraft made it’s first debut on a Microsoft platform other than Windows with the Xbox 360 edition. A short while later, it also made a jump to the Xbox One.

And now, a new crop of Xbox fans will get to enjoy this time vampire, as Minecraft is joining the Xbox Game Pass line-up on April 4th, Microsoft has announced. The version coming to the service is based on the same Bedrock edition which was the basis for all the other non-PC ports of the game, so it will include all of the content updates that the game has received over the years.

Microsoft has been pushing Xbox Game Pass pretty hard these last few months. This past month the company brought Just Cause 4 to the service, adding to the hundreds of games Xbox fans can play for one monthly subscription. So if you’re looking for an easy way to play Minecraft, Just Cause 4 and many other titles for one low price, this is it.

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