Null Sec Alliance Drama

Russians begin a new war against one another


Russian aggression between the various RUS alliances and coalitions reached a high point compared to the relative quiet nature in the post-Halooween war era of EVE.  With Legion of xXDEATHXx being the primary target of a SOLAR FLEET led incursion.  SOLAR FLEET has many potential allies such as Black Legion and various Russian entities.   While xXDEATHXx traditionally has PL and NC. as backup, there was no firm commitment by these groups to defend xXDEATHXx SOV.  It can be expected however that PL and NC. will join in opportunistic fighting.

The initial attack by SOLAR on xXDEATHXx’s capital system was halted but now they’re moving in again, this time with support from Gorgon, RED, Dream Fleet, and others.

In a recent SOTA, xXDEATHXx announced it’s intent to make a stand.

– ”Nothing beats the feeling you have when your enemy fails to overthrow you and asks someone he hates and even spits on for help”

– SOlar is not much of an ally after it has met its goals and they their new allies will regret what they are doing right now

– We are faced against Dream fleet, Red Alliance, Solar Fleet, Gorgan Empire and potentially Euro goons. This will mean that we can only win under one condition which is to get everybody back active.

– Get three or four ships ready of our doctrines and resub your carrier and dread alts.

– Our budget is 400bil for SRP, this doesnt cover our tengu doctrine but we can extend if we have to

– We wont ask for help, We have offers and we will accapt them if its becomes necessary

– Win 5bil by creating the best Propaganda!

A lot of space has ended up in the hands of various Russian alliances over the last few weeks.  With quite a bit being either taken from or given by N3.  In fact it seems that some of the Russian alliances are starting to make plays to re-establish themselves with SOV.

The end of the now infamous “Halloween War” and the beginning of the BOTLRD “cold war” era, saw the fall of various alliances like -A-, WHITE NOISE and others.  With the retraction of PL into a dense pocket after shedding renter space, Absolution stepped up alongside xXDEATHXx to claim the majority of the space.

Now whether anything other than small scale engagements will occur in the next month is anyone’s guess. I would not be surprised at all if the month of December passed without  major incident for the various Russian alliances.

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