What are disintegration kills in Destiny 2?

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The disintegration kills in Destiny 2 are something that has been around for years. New players might not know what they are, though. Hence this guide coming around to explain things. For players who are taking part in the Bungie 30th Anniversary event, you might notice a certain quest that has getting these kills as an objective. Specifically, several quests ask you to collect a certain amount of Umbral Traces.

Typically when you kill an enemy, they fall over or blow up. Certain attacks and damage types can trigger disintegration kills in Destiny 2. These kills are moments when the freshly beaten enemy falls away to dust, leaving almost nothing behind. The key to notice when this hapens is the little orbs of light left behind. These are the Umbral Traces that I was talking about. Grab them while you can to help wrap things up.

How to Get Disintegration Kills

There are plenty of weapons you can use to rack these up. Hammer of Sol and Arc Staff are two weapons you can make good use of. Also, certain classes work well, like Fusion Rifles. Basically, anything that can destroy many enemies at once is a good bet. You could also tweak your gear to encourage AoE damage, hoping to stack up more kills.

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It’s important to note that not only your kills can result in Traces. Any member of the team you’re on can get disintegration kills in Destiny 2. And it doesn’t even have to be using a certain weapon or type of gun. Titan and Warlock abilities both have a small chance to leave Umbral Traces behind when foes are slain. It used to be much easier to do this though, as players would farm the Menagerie for these kills. Now, you should focus on running the new 30th anniversary missions, like the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

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