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Pokemon Sword and Shield Release Date Confirmed

Pokemon Sword and Shield Revealed for Nintendo Switch

So during the Nintendo Direct this morning, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have finally revealed the release date for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Fans are finally going to get the taste of a real Pokemon title on the Switch when Pokemon Sword and Shield drops for the Nintendo portable console later this year. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are arriving exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on November 15.

The game will feature an entirely new roster of adorable monsters to battle trade and capture, and of course three awesome new starters that follow the type advantage convention established in both the card game and the video game franchise. The new Switch title also borrows elements from the mobile and other Switch titles in the franchise, Pokemon Let’s Go and Pokemon GO.

Story details and various gameplay elements are still yet to be confirmed, although the firm release date is no doubt exciting to fans. I can imagine quite a few birthday and Christmas wishlists just got updated as this news broke.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release on November 15 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. And yes, the set will be broken up into two games, each having exclusive elements on the roster to offer incentive for either buying both games or having a friend or family member with the opposite game so you can trade with them.

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