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TennoCon 2020 announced on Warframe Devstream 138


Digital Extremes hosted their new Devstream this week, detailing new content and giving fans a peek behind the curtain. Much like the previous devstream, this new live stream gave fans a look into development on Warframe, as well as The devstream also jumps through a bunch of behind-the-scenes looks at audio design and implementation in Warframe. Various audio engineers and designers show up to talk through the thought process of sound design and what plans Digital Extremes has for the future.

The devstream also features news about new content, as well as upcoming expansions. Continuing with the focus on audio, players, and fans got previews of new sounds for weapons and abilities coming in future updates. There are even changes to environmental sound coming too. And speaking of future updates, fans finally got some news about the content coming after Empyrean wraps.

A minor update called Deadlock Protocol will bring Protea to the game, adding another new Warframe to the already expansive roster. New Squad Link missions will also be coming in an update titled Operation Scarlet Spear. Operation Scarlet Spear will see a new AI invasion storyline added to Warframe, with Veil Proxima coming under attack. And of course, Railjack missions will be a big part of this new content too.

Check out the full devstream replay down below.

TennoCon 2020 is now scheduled as well, according to Devstream 138. TennoCon 2020 will take place on July 11 this year, in DE’s home town of London, Ontario in Canada. Those who are interested in attending the show can find out more details on the Digital Extremes site. Tickets are not on sale yet but will be soon, so be sure to sign up on the site.

As for what the event will feature, we have some clues. TennoCon 2020 will no doubt include news about the upcoming expansions, and we will likely get some nice shiny gameplay demos and trailers of this new content to gawk at. And of course, everything that can be will be streamed online for all to see. And fans tuning in can earn exclusive cosmetics that can be used in the game.

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