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Warframe’s Empyrean Update is live on PC now

Warframe Empyrean Expansion Teased

Digital Extremes, developer of free-to-play action title Warframe, has finally shipped Empyrean. The expansion the Canadian company teased back during TennoCon is finally here for PC players. Console gamers will have to wait for certification to finish before they get access to the content. At least that will give them more time to farm for materials and Blueprints they will need once the expansion drops on their preferred platform.

Also, DE announced something for the console gamers in the crowd. Rising Tides update is now live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. While no date has been given for Empyrean’s release on console yet, usual transfer times through cert take 2-3 weeks, so console games can expect Empyrean on their platforms by the end of December, roughly speaking.

As for game balance,  Empyrean is a shot in the arm in multiple ways. The Star Chart has been reworked, mostly to accommodate a bunch of new mission types and other changes. Empyrean will introduce ship-to-ship battles, in-mission resource management and collection, onboard fires, ship boarding, and more. And yes, the Railjack system introduced in Rising Tide will now be put to use, I hope you spent some time farming for those materials these last couple of weeks.

Those space battles, and more complex space exploration, start at the Dry Dock. I hope you’re part of a Clan, because you will need to be to access this new content. A core element of this new content is expanding and upgrading your starship with all manner of shields, weapons and technical mumbo-jumbo to make themselves more effective in combat. And you’re going to need that extra firepower, as everyone else will be gunning for you.

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Check out a gameplay preview from TennoCon for the new expansion below.

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