Null Sec Sov Fights

LAWN and other CFC alliances get into a scuffle with the Legions.


LAWN was spotted moving freighters taking gates with support of 5 mighty frigates from k-6. Cynos were moved, but didn’t make it in time to catch them with all the loots inside.When cyno got into system he witnessed Freighters warping from station to a gate. Cyno was lit, bubbles went up and the rest is history

In the system of Y-2ANO A combined force of RAZOR, Get off My Lawn and otrhers went head to head with Pandemic Legion, Black Legion, DARKNESS. and others in a squabble that started while LAWN was moving assets through the system.

In a mixture of good timing and skill, the anti-CFC forces were able to  wipe a portion of CFC forces from the grid   Although the actual ISK losses were minimal due to the fact that most of the ships lost were frigates and only a few transports got caught up in the trap.  Nearly 5 Billion ISK worth of assets were destroyed in the overall battle.  Still a hefty blow, but nothing too serious for the CFC overall.

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