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As one of the major players in the battle royale genre PUBG has become a majorly popular game, and the mobile port has helped the Unity game bring millions of players into the fold. The core concept of running around getting shot at as a zone of deadly mysterious energy shrinks around you is strangely compelling, as millions of players have found plenty of fun within the game and its various ports.

PUBG Mobile offers a variety of different unique mechanics over the mainline variant, which has helped it reach a pretty high mark in popularity in mobile-focused markets worldwide. There’s a unique combat system and the map layout is shuffled around a bit. PUBG Mobile has a unique system for changing your name and appearance as well. Lucky for you, the process is very simple.

You won’t need to do too much to change your profile name in PUBG Mobile, but there is one requirement as you need to consume a certain item to do it. You need to head into your inventory and activate one Rename ID to change your profile name.

Getting Rename IDs is simple. You can acquire Rename IDs by completing challenges, leveling up, or purchase them from the main store for 180 UC. There are usually some pretty good deals around UC each season as well. The Battle Pass ranks and challenges are also a good way to grab some free Rename IDs. You can also spend UC to unlock up to 25 ranks in the PUBG Mobile Battle Pass, but it is not necessary for this.

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To change your appearance though is a bit more complicated. On the left side of the inventory window is an appearance option. Selecting this will take you back through the character customization you may recall from first booting up the game. Use this system to completely alter the look of your character. The first time you alter your appearance in PUBG Mobile is free, but expect to pay BP when you do it after that. The BP cost will be shown to you after you make your changes, in order to confirm the cost.

Collecting BP is as simple as collecting Rename IDs, although the requirements are a bit different. Start by linking your PUBG profile and your social media accounts to enable the process. Then you just need to do things like completing timed challenges each week and place in the top 10 during matches to earn plenty of BP.

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