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Marvel’s Avengers gets new trailer showcasing powers and heros

Marvel’s Avengers In-Engine Trailer

It has been a fair bit since we heard anything about Marvel’s Avengers, but that’s changed today as Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have just dropped a new trailer for the upcoming action title. The new gameplay trailer showcases a variety of the heroes on the roster and debuts some of their unique gear and powers. As fans of Marvel known full well, and we have seen while watching this game take shape, gamers will get to control a wide array of these powers while battle dastardly foes.

The new trailer gives us a peek at both the single-player and multiplayer modes coming in the new combat action title, with plenty of focus on handing out giant-sized beatings as Thor, Iron Man and many other Marvel icons. This title has managed to set itself from the likes of Marvel Ultimate Alliance in a few key ways. Aside from the visual difference, there’s also a gear-focused system for upgrading your characters in Marvel’s Avengers. Players will collect loot from fallen enemies and use it to upgrade their offense and defense in an RPG-like system.

The game was delayed a while back, and many fans expected it to get cancelled given the general apathy surrounding the game from a hardcore fan perspective. Although that was kind of unlikely given how much time and money has been sunk into it.

Check out the new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers down below.

And yes, there’s no real way to dance around this, the characters still look nothing like their Marvel Cinematic Universe actors. It’s likely down to a licensing or other issues with having to scan licenses of Hollywood actors into the game, but it still sucks that this wasn’t a thing.

There is some good news though as Square Enix has said the team is working on additional DLC for the game to be released post-launch. Fans can expect new heroes, gear and possibly new levels to come to Marvel’s Avengers as part of this DLC bundle.

Marvel’s Avengers is due out on September 4, 2020, for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and even Google Stadia.

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