How to earn Yaran Pesos in Far Cry 6

How to earn Yaran Pesos in Far Cry 6

Yaran pesos is the currency of the fictional country of Yara in Far Cry 6 and in this guide we’re going to look at how to earn the Yaran currency quickly. Yaran Pesos are used for most purchases in Far Cry 6 so it’s important to start building your stash in order to purchase better weapons and gear. Here’s how to get all the Yaran Pesos you’re likely to need in Far Cry 6.

How to earn Yaran Pesos in Far Cry 6

When starting out in Far Cry 6 your options for earning pesos will still be quite limited. That’s why to start with we’re going to focus on looting. In the very early stages of the game, looting will bring in the most pesos and you’re also likely to find other resources, materials, and supplies that will be helpful for your Far Cry 6 journey along the way. Be sure to look out for chests, boxes, and bags that can be looted. The Yaran map is absolutely littered with these lootables and you’ll rarely be more than a stone’s throw away from something that can be looted. Many materials can be traded for Yaran Pesos at one of the many Juan’s Arms Dealer posts so keep an eye out for them. Medicine, Metal, and Gasolina can all be sold for 3 Yaran Pesos per unit meaning you can rack up quite a lot of Pesos from just a few savvy material pick-ups.

Next steps for earning Yaran Pesos

After you’ve put a few more hours into the game you will be able to unlock the Los Bandidos Operations. Los Bandidos Operations are far and away the fastest way to earn pesos in Far Cry 6. This minigame allows you to give Guerilla leaders tasks to sabotage the Castillo regime. The rewards for successfully completing the Los Bandidos Operations are high and the best part is that they take place in the background. You choose the leader, the mission, and the strategy, and then the NPCs go off and take care of business. All the while earning you some sweet Yaran Pesos without lifting a finger.

The Los Bandidos Operations can’t be repeated over and over, that would probably break the game. You will unlock Los Bandidos Operations, leaders, and slots as you play through the story. Far Cry 6 allows you to schedule the Los Bandidos Operations every few hours and you will definitely want to make sure you’re doing them when they become available. The more Los Bandidos Operations slots you have unlocked, the more operations you can have active at the same time. You’ll be able to earn rewards from all of these operations at the same time. Therefore, once you’ve got a few Los Bandidos Operations, slots and NPCs available to you the pesos will start rolling in thick and fast.

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Between looting, gathering materials and loading up your Los Banditos Operation slots you should be flush with Yaran Pesos in no time.

If you’re just getting into the game, there are lots to do. Fighting a war is tough, try upgrading your weapons if you find enemies too strong. As you’re adventuring, you might want to know how to take down bases. You can then use them to fast travel around. There are even cool animal companions like Guapo, that you can take around. If you’re after a better set of gear, go find and upgrade the Supremo. And if you’re trying to upgrade weapons, go hunt for some Depleted Uranium.

Far Cry 6 is available now on Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. If you’re getting the game on PC, check out the PC system requirements, too.

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