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Earth From Another Sun is a space exploration RPG coming to consoles

Earth From Another Sun

Developer Multiverse has announced space exploration RPG Earth From Another Sun. The game is set to launch on PlayStation and Xbox consoles in 2023. There will first be a PC release before that as well.

The core gameplay is built on a “dynamic and ever-evolving galaxy” that promises players tons of freedom. This isn’t trying to be Star Citizen though, so we’re a bit tamer in scope. Being set in a sector of an actively colonized galaxy, players have tons of things to explore. There will be missions to do, pirates to hunt, and ore to mine.

A big part of how the game will add new stuff will come in the form of user generated content. These planned bi-weekly updates will add new levels, missions and more as the community grows.

The big draw is the 60-player Galactic Dominion Conquest mode. Players will duke it out in space to dominate the stars.

Being an Early Access title, that comes with the usual caveats. Being a PC-led release, it will land there first. Earth from Another Sun is aiming to start Early Access on PC in Q2 2022. The game will develop and add new features during this time.

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Following the Early Access period, Earth from Another Sun intends to land on consoles in 2023. That means the game is coming to both PS5 and Xbox in a while. It takes time to warm up those rockets after all, or something. Listen, just pretend there’s a clever pun or joke here. Now, my bad attempts at humor aside, check out the announcement trailer for the game down below.


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